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Showing articles from NativeAccent BASICS assessment reports tag

The Teacher Roadmap: 14 - The Usage Report

The usage report shows the length of the total license time (Total Time), current active learning time (Time Used), and remaining license time for each user. From the reports menu, select the Usage Report. Select All to include all the students in the class and click Generate Report. ![][1] From the reports menu, …

The Teacher Roadmap: 10 - The Summary Assessment Report

#### The Summary Assessment Report The Summary Assessment Report course compares a participant's skills in one or more assessments compared to their current skills. This report classifies compares the number of skills above the skills threshold to the total number of skills assessed. It also categorizes participants …

The Teacher Roadmap: 12 - The Student Improvement Analyzer

The **Student Improvement Analyzer** shows student improvement over time by comparing skill scores in the initial assessment to the skill scores in most recent assessment or current skill level. This report reveals the total learning time, average % improvement, the number of skills improved and other data for each sk…

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