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The Teacher Roadmap: 07 - Moving students from one course to a different course

**Moving students from one course to a different course** Once a student has been enrolled in NativeAccent, they can be moved from one course to another; however, students cannot be enrolled in more than one course at a time. They must first be removed from the current course they are enrolled in before they can be e…

The Teacher Roadmap: 03 - Logging in and navigating the Teacher View

LOGGING IN AND NAVIGATE THE TEACHER VIEW * Your local administrator will provide you with your login credentials * If you do not have a teacher login, send a request to [[email protected]][1]. Be sure to include your name, address, and organization (school or company name) and the course(s) you will b…

The Teacher Roadmap: 08 - Create and distribute assignments

#### CREATE AND DISTRIBUTE ASSIGNMENTS The Intelligent Tutor lessons presented to students will vary widely based on their assessment scores and current skill levels. Teachers may want to assign particular NativeAccent lessons to individual students or to their entire class. The NativeAccent teacher dashboard provide…

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