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The Teacher Roadmap: 09 - Viewing and Understanding Reports
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Viewing and Understanding Reports

NativeAccent uses a form of Artificial Intelligence called Intelligent Tutoring to measure and assign lessons based on assessment performance, first language, and the evolving skills of the learner.  This is made possible through the use of a predictive algorithm which calculates a % number indicating the estimated current performance level, based on the predicted probability of correctness of that skill.  The current performance number changes constantly as skills are acquired and as exercises become more difficult.  See also How-is-performance-measured.


Reports – Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports are intended as "class health report” and are useful for identifying active learning minutes, last login date, overall performance, assessment scores, and students’ active learning time.   The main Teacher View page displays these “Dashboard Reports" at the top of the page. 


A survey of teachers who were asked "what are the most important questions that they would like to be answered in the reporting system?" responded: "Are my students doing their assigned work?  And are they improving?"  There are direct links to two detailed student reports: The Class Recording Report and the Student Improvement Analyzer.  These reports provide the answers to those two questions, as well as class progress on assignments, current performance skills, and class active learning time.  The linked detailed reports show individual performance scores and active learning times during any date range.


Lower on the page is the student roster report.

Student's names are followed by a series of numbers and icons intended to make their data comprehensible at-a-glance.


In the above example, for YourSchool Student 01, the checkmark in progress shows that one assessment has been completed, 209 minutes of active learning has occurred, and this student's current performance score is 68%.  (The performance score is derived by averaging a student's pronunciation, word stress, fluency, and grammar skills scores.  The Action icon (a fountain pen tip) launches the edit student profile window.


Class Reports are found on the Teacher Tools menu.  To view the class and/or an individual student's performance, click on the teacher’s name in the Teacher View, and select "Reports" from the Tools menu.


These reports include:

  • The Summary Assessment Report – shows assessment skills for selected students
  • The Class Recording Report – this date-range report allows the teacher to listen to student recordings and to view their engagement time in each skill area.
  • The Usage report – shows total active learning time from the first login 
  • The Student Improvement Analyzer – shows student gains in each skill area


See the Teacher Roadmap for detailed articles on each report type.


Generating Reports


Select the desired student(s) and report type, then click the Generate Report button.  


Downloading reports 

The Summary Assessment, Class Recording, Usage, and Student Improvement Analyzer Reports are downloadable as a .csv file by clicking on the export icon.


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