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Purchasing a NativeAccent license through the Carnegie Speech online store
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Carnegie Speech offers the purchase of Annual Single-user NativeAccent licenses using a credit card or paypal on our e-commerce website.  

Students in school that are participating in the Carnegie Speech School Partnership Program are eligible to purchase a student academic license.  The instructor provides students enrolled in each course the matching discount PROMO code.  The PROMO code is unique to each course.


The purchase process is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your current location (not your home location) as the US and Europe or Asia.

  1. Click PURCHASE.

  2. Students enter the course-specific PROMO Code and click APPLY to receive the discount

  3. Complete the Customer Information, Payment, Review, and Purchase process.

    1. Common issues and errors in the payment process

      1. Unregistered payment card – in some cases when a student purchases a payment card, it must be registered with the issuing bank before it can be used.  

      2. Zip code error – the zip code is typically that of the billing address or one provided by the bank when registering the card.

      3. Incorrect email address – please make sure that the student's email address is entered correctly.

      4. Payment cards issued by banks in China are not currently being accepted.

  4. Students will receive an email receipt of their purchase to their registered email address

  5. Students will receive a Welcome email with a link to their new account

If you do not receive the Welcome email address in your inbox, please check your junk mail or spam folder.  If the welcome email is not found, please email [email protected] or use the link provided to create a ticket on the Support Center homepage


  1. Click on the link and complete the user registration page

  1. Before students begin the pre-training assessment, they should go to the Microphone Setup Guides and follow the process of setting up the headset microphone.  NativeAccent is both prescriptive and adaptive.  It is VERY important that the microphone is set up correctly so that each student will get the best results in their pre-training assessment, which then determines their individualized path through the curriculum.

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Carnegie Speech School Partnership Student Online Purchase Process.pdf
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