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The Teacher Roadmap: 08 - Create and distribute assignments
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The Intelligent Tutor lessons presented to students will vary widely based on their assessment scores and current skill levels.  Teachers may want to assign particular NativeAccent lessons to individual students or to their entire class.  The NativeAccent teacher dashboard provides this feature.  Teachers have the option to create class assignments that exist outside the curriculum path created by the students’ Intelligent Tutor paths.  


At the teacher Dashboard, select some or all of the students to be assigned and new lesson outside of their Intelligent Tutor path.

In the resulting window select the skill category to display only the skills in that category in the Lesson Library dropdown menu. 




More that one lesson can be included in an assignment.  Select a lesson to be added to the assignment in the VIEW column and drag and drop each item in the right column.  Once the assignment list is completed, create a name for the assignment and select the due date by typing in the date or using the calendar tool.



NOTE: Each student follows a unique learning path and has different active learning times.  Sometimes you may want to create an assessment before or at the end of the session (weeks, semester, quarter).  Follow the ADD ASSIGNMENT process above and select ASSESSMENT from the lesson library.  The assignment will appear instead of the Intelligent Tutor path when the student next logs in.  When the student completes the assessment, a new Intelligent Tutor path will appear, based on their current skill scores.


To view all the assignments, click the Book icon.  The Assignments window shows you the student participation data and scores.  Use the Edit and Delete buttons to modify or delete assignments.




When a student who has received an assignment next logs into NativeAccent, their Intelligent Tutor path will be replaced by the assigned lesson(s). 

Once the assigned lesson has been completed OR when the due date has passed, the students' intelligent tutor paths will be restored to their dashboard.

Students will be able to view all assigned lessons using the Lesson Library in the Student Tools Menu.



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