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The Teacher Roadmap: 03 - Logging in and navigating the Teacher View
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  • Your local administrator will provide you with your login credentials

    • If you do not have a teacher login, send a request to [email protected].  Be sure to include your name, address, and organization (school or company name) and the course(s) you will be teaching.

  • Log in using your temporary login credentials and create and confirm a new password. 

  • accept the Site and Privacy Policy Agreements


Upon completion of this step, you will be presented with the Teacher Dashboard, which shows the class roster of students enrolled in your course, course management, and reporting tools.




When you first log in, you will be presented with the Teacher View. From the Teacher View, you will be able to navigate between courses, view edit course settings, manage student enrollment, create assignments, view, and export dashboard reports, and view detailed student and class reports.

If you are the teacher in more than one course, you can navigate between courses by clicking on the current course name and selecting the desired course from the drop-down list indicated by the arrow above.


* NOTE – If there are no students enrolled in a course then no students will be listed in the Teacher View.


Reading the Class Roster Report on the Teacher Dashboard.


  • The checkbox next to the student name is used to select students who will be included when the Add Assignment button is clicked.
  • Student Name can be clicked to view the individual student dashboard reports.
  • Assessment # indicates how many assessments the student has started.
  • Progress indicates the student's progress in the assessment. 
    • The X indicates that the student has never logged in and accepted the site and privacy policies.
    • The Alarm Clock icon indicates that the student has logged in and has accepted the site and privacy policies, but has yet to complete the assessment
    • The Checkmark icon indicates that the current assessment has been completed.
  • Active Learning Time is the number of minutes during which the student has been actively engaged with the software.
    • Note: if the Progress shows Alarm Clock icon and the Active Learning Time is zero, the student has logged in and accepted the policies, but has yet to begin the assessment.
    • If the Progress shows the Alarm Clock icon and the Active Learning Time is 1 or greater, the student has completed at least one recording but has yet to complete all the assessment items.
  • Date Last Logged In is the date that the student last logged into their account.
  • Overall Current Performance is the average of all skills measured in the assessment.
    • NOTE: any % score reported for an incomplete assessment should be disregarded.  It is based on an insufficient amount of data.
  • Action opens the Edit Student window where the teacher/administrator can edit any student details except their username. If a teacher elects to reset a password for a student, Carnegie Speech recommends entering changeme as a temporary password.  The student will be required to create a new password after logging in with the temporary password.  The teacher can also LogIn As the student to check their account.







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